Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


Late last night (early this morning?), I finished reading the second novel by Toby Frost, the parody of several SF themes/novels, God Emperor of Didcot. Silly, amusing, fun.

After some morning work at cleaning up (dishes, shower, shave, floors, etc), we settled down to a restful day. Watching the Super Bowl isn't something that we do with any regularity, but it happens once in a while. I think it's been four years since I last watched, but it might be more. Anyway, we did watch, and were rooting for the New Orleans Saints, and it was a blast! Hooray for that brave team, and I hope that Bourbon Street was filled with joy!

We followed that up by watching some other materials on the DVR, and then, finally, District 9, which I liked, but which forestcats found too gross. I then streamed The Human Face from Netflix with John Cleese, which was pretty good, and then I streamed another episode from season one of Jeremiah. Better, though somewhat predictable. I still marvel at the functionality of the various equipment, and roads, and bridges, after twenty years of neglect, but I digress.

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