Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We had a very busy day, today, starting off early with religious services, followed by a trip into town where we spent a bit of time in the shopping areas near LA's Farmer's Market, and then we met up with z23zowie at Umami Burger, where we had four burgers between the three of us, including the best two from our last visit, and two more of their selection. Oh, my. All four were terrific!

Then, we dropped in on themodeinliz and axelicious, though we did call to warn them. They were kind enough to be gracious, and we hung out, chatted, and watched some TV with them. Mike had me try out a game on the Wii that I hadn't looked at (whose name I've already forgotten). The game wasn't bad, but I was.

Then, home.

Late. Too late to post for the 13th. How embarrassing...
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