Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Oddness Saturday: while we were at the Grove shopping center near Farmer's Market, a clerk at the olive oil shop was the first and only person to recognize that the courier bag I was carrying was based on a Terry Pratchett novel. Good for her; amused me.

Sunday we took the dogs to Dog Park in Upland, and they seemed to enjoy themselves. Cody stayed near corveys, for the most part, while brushette stayed close to us. Still, it was a nice day to be out with them.

We followed that with grocery shopping for a nice dinner with sekl and her boys. I had a good conversation or two with Jim, while the youngsters burned through some energy, recharging with chocolate fondue. forestcats put up some pretty good pictures of the mess made; it was fun for one and all.

After they left, we streamed some stuff (five episodes) from Netflix of Terry Jones' Medieval Lives, until the sixth episode on The Alchemist choked. That leaves three episodes to complete the set...

The Olympics remain breathtaking when we log onto the HD channel. Sound and vistas both. Great stuff.

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