Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

OK, I've just learned a bit of history with current restaurant information thrown in.

See, as a pre-teen, there was this place west of Tarzana which was a heck of an ice cream parlor, and a lot of fun. It was called Farrell's, and the chain slowly grew from its origins in Oregon. Apparently, when it was at its maximum, there were 158 stores.

The owner sold out to a corporate entity, and went on to other things.

The corporation made changes to the menu, taking it away from the ice cream parlor, and making it more of a place to get standard American food. It rapidly went under, and disappeared.

It's been gone since the 1990s; a different company bought the idea/trademark/whatever from the corporate entity, and then spent quite a while in legal tussles, which ended in 2008.

So Farrell's has returned, with two places in Hawaii, and two in California (Mission Viejo and Santa Clarita, apparently).

I still remember the Zoo, and the Pig Trough, and getting a ribbon to wear, stating that I'd made a pig of myself at Farrell's.

I think I last went to one when I was a student at UCLA...

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