Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy day working yesterday: I had four hospitals and lots of phone calls. It precluded me joining our Havurah in a service ending our period of mourning for one of our members who'd died from cancer. It also precluded me from going with forestcats to see the Chieftains in concert. We'd purchased those tickets for a date a while back, but they'd postponed, and the new date conflicted with my call schedule. Sadness.

Once I did get home, after a few chores, I vegged out in front of the TV, running the last disc of Connections 3, and then followed that by the second to the last disc of ST:DS9 season three, both sent us by Netflix. However, relaxing as that might have been, getting a call to admit a patient who has a terminal mesothelioma a hour after I'd gone to sleep is likely to have me messed up for the day. *Sigh*.

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