Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I must apologize to capncthulhu and library_of_sex for missing their birthdays, but I was busy, and I've only just gotten caught up on LJ.

This morning we were out on the road before 8AM, in the heavy rain we were having here in SoCal. We were heading south to San Diego, having realized this week that an SF convention of which we'd heard repeatedly was going to be held again this weekend. This was Condor XVII. We've never before attended a Condor, but we've often considered making the trip. It always seemed that I'd be on call, or that some other activity would conflict. This weekend, there was no conflict, aside from the weather, and being good former members of MidWest Fandom, we decided to take the plunge.

Condor was a blast. It's a very small convention, but that meant that the panels were easy to participate in, and that it was also easy to have postpanel discussions with the more interesting members of the panel. Delightful, provocative discussions.

In addition, one problem that I've seen in SF conventions since I've been on this coast is that they are no longer all-inclusive: some shun gamers, others anime, others costumers, etc. This one embraced it all, though the theme this year was Steampunk. I was enthralled.

Hopefully, next year we'll arrange to be there for the whole weekend, instead of commuting both ways in a single day, and also missing out on a lot of the action. Still, for putting a toe in the pool, it was a real pleasure.

In other news, I dumped another book, to move on. This one was What If? 2; it's an anthology of essays written by historians considering the effect of several different changes in history, and what would it have meant. I think the topic is fascinating; to bore me, they had to really try. They succeeded.

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