Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


Yesterday morning, I finished reading a book before leaving for work. This was a Paul Doherty mystery set in the time of Edward II of England, called The Darkening Glass, dealing with the fall of his good friend, and the death of that friend's squires. It was a quick read, and reasonably engrossing.

When I got home from work, while forestcats and z23zowie were out on their perambulations, I kicked back, answering pages, and watching the last disc of Volume One of the TV series, Lone Wolf and Cub, which I found mildly interesting. Then, I finished a Netflix disc of ST:DS9, which wasn't bad. After forestcats came home, bearing a hamburger from Umami Burger, we watched a streaming episode of Dexter season two to finish off the evening.

I then struggled to access a file at the office's computer system. The arrangements we'd made for me to access it failed, and I will have to pursue this with our office manager today. *Sigh!*
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