Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The Food Network has a show that deals with various food personalities talking about their favorite foods, and I just thought about mentioning an item or two, here and there, that I've been able to eat.

My Best Ever:

Dessert - blueberry sorbet at NOLA in New Orleans. I still salivate just thinking about it.

Steak - at Craftsteak in the MGM hotel in Las Vegas. Stunningly good. Runner up is Bridget's, with that rub.

Burger - Umami Burger's Truffle burger. Oh, yes.

Chocolate - Ambrosia Chocolate's Blue Ribbon semi-sweet. Good eating, that.

Stuffing - Liz's oyster pie. For years now, a Thanksgiving staple at our house.

Chicken - rotisserie chicken from one of those TV items. Amazingly good job of cooking the bird just right.

Pizza - pepperoni/mushroom/onion in a stuffed pizza from Edwardo's in the Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park. However, Z Pizza in Chino Hills does a credible thin crust pizza.

Soup - Tom Kah Kai almost anywhere.

Risotto - Bridget's, when she has duck stock to make it with. Oh, boy!

Fried Chicken - White Fence Farm outside of Chicago. Outstanding.

I suspect that as soon as I close and post this message, I'll think of more, but this'll do for a start.

What about you?
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