Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#19, 20, 21

First of all, I finished reading three Osprey books. The first was Campaign #98: Kalka River 1223: Genghiz Khan's Mongols Invader Russia, and it was fairly interesting, but the artwork inside wasn't up to the previous standards. The second was Elite #164: British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792 - 1815 - not bad. Not as exciting as all that. Maybe the Sharpe books prepared me for this material? Last was New Vanguard #147: American Light and Medium Frigates 1794 - 1836 which has in it a table of cannon weights versus weight of shot, something I've been seeking for a long time.

Then there was the comic book. It's another piece of the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? graphic novel, this being #10, and a nice twist.

Once I got home from work, along with a bit of laundry, we watched a number of things. First was another Jeremiah episode where they finally put some conflict in which was deeper than the village-of-the-week sort they'd had up 'til then. It might be enough to keep me watching without forcing myself. Then, we finished season two of Dexter. Season three isn't available for streaming, more's the pity. For some reason, Netflix appears to have crashed, yesterday evening, so we switched to DVDs, and watched the Netflix DVD of Monsters vs. Aliens which had pretty good animation, and was at least amusing, but it was somewhat predictable. We finished the evening with the new Robin Williams DVD called Weapons of Self-Destruction, and he does a creditable job. He talks a bit about his heart surgery, which I thought might have led to him toning himself down a little. The DVD comes packed with a CD, and priced to move!

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