Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

OK, so it's been two hours since it hit (and that's a surprise, but I've been perusing everyone else's commentary).

forestcats and I were talking in our bedroom upstairs when I felt what I initially thought was one of the dogs at the foot of the bed scratching him-, or herself, but there was no dog there. They were all standing up at attention, and looking to us to tell them if they should be worried.

The quake was a gentle rocking of the house, for quite a few seconds; possibly as many as 90, but hard to tell. It started out coming from our south, but it seemed like we had reflection waves coming back at us from the north, from the mountain chain nearby.

Hangers and such rocked, but nothing fell, and I didn't notice any cracks.

When the moving stopped, I logged quickly onto the USGS site for earthquake reports, and I was surprised to see nothing local. I then moved to the screen showing worldwide events, and realized that what at the time was listed as a 6.9 scale quake had occurred at the border between Mexico and the US; it's since been upgraded as more data comes in as a 7.2.

There's reports that some of the elevators have failed at Disneyland, and so they're apparently evacuating the park. That would be scary.

I've not watched any of the video about it, at all.

I gather that at about the same time, the Hugo Award nominees were announced, and forestcats is presently reading one of the books that was chosen, Boneshaker. A short work that I'd read online by Charles Stross, Overtime, is also on there. Otherwise, I haven't read much of what's been nominated. Sadness.

I'd best be off, now. Hopefully, those of you in the LA area and south of here are all doing well!

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