Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy, busy day, yesterday.

I opened with fiddling with computer issues for a couple of hours, and then started in the backyard again. More weeding and trash removal. That was followed by washing a number of serving platters that had been stored outside in a box whose cover had been left off in the rain; they're all clean and ready for the Carnivore's Feast. I washed, forestcats dried. Teamwork!

During lunch (yum!), I finished a Netflix disc, the first of another season of ST:DS9 which I believe I actually remember the episode. Odd, since I missed so many of them. The disc will be winging its way back to Netflix today.

After the various household activities, we packed up and visited a butcher shop in La Verne, much closer to us than is Harmony Farms, where they apparently often carry kangaroo. They're out, right now, but are expecting to get a shipment later this week. Let's hope.

From there, we drove into NoHo, the neighborhood the show used to be played in, but the Cheese Steak sandwich shop that's down the street from the Whitmore-Lindley Theater isn't open on Sundays, dammit. So, off we went to Tropicali, the Brazilian place on Hillhurst, not too far from the Write Act Theater. The waitress was delighted to see us again, and expressed worry that she hadn't seen us recently (we didn't want to tell her that we'd gotten addicted to Umami Burger in the interim). Nice dinner, indeed.

From there, to the show. Dungeonmaster was quite well-done for this show, with a positively brilliant mix of players, including several who've become quite experienced over this run, as well as vampireanneke's SuperPenguin, the Guardian of the Flame. Here's hoping that we'll see more of them all in the upcoming shows of the season (three left!).

We went out afterwards to House of Pies, for a nice chat with a variety of folks, and then strugggled home through a downpour. Luckily enough, once we broke through into the Inland Empire, we outran the rain.

And then I overslept, so I have to get off and run around cleaning myself up.

Good week to everyone!
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