Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


I managed to finish, yesterday, another book by P. C. Doherty. This is another set in Ancient Egypt, called The Spies of Sobeck. It was a little slow to start, but kept me interested to the end. It's the seventh book in this saga. I'd say that the series is an acquired taste, but might be worth checking out.

I've also finished reading a couple of comic books. The first is Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream #1 written by Warren Ellis, and I like it better than some of the other Wolfskin books he's written. It's the start of a new series, so let's see where he goes with the tale.

Next was DMZ #52, and I have no idea what the author thinks he's doing. I'm confused. Not a good sign.

I didn't get home until nearly 11PM, last night, and my night wasn't helped by the intersection near my last hospital blocked in all directions by police cars. I was forced to use a fast food restaurant's parking lot to bypass the mess to get to the hospital. I didn't see any wrecks, only police cars, so I was very confused as to what they were doing and why.

Night before last, forestcats and I caught a piece on Nightline about Pandora, which was enough to intrigue me. I've been giving it a whirl on my computers at home and at the office, and so far it isn't too bad, though when I was AFK at the office, it shut down since it waits for input. Since they do put on advertising, they want proof of you being at the speakers to generate the income. I've found that their algorithms (sp?) have put some fascinating music on that I've never heard of, as well as music that I remember, never knew the musicians, or have, any of which has similarities to the piece I chose to start the string. Very interesting. Since our TV has Pandora capability, I think I may activate it for the Carnivore's Feast, though it may be better to hook up the iPod.
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