Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Less than five hours to Carnivore's Feast. Must get washed up.

During the latter part of this last week, I finished several comic books.

Here they are:

Fables #94 - so-so.

The Unwritten #12 - a different character, a nasty ending.

Star Trek: Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #1 - I have to admit that between having a doctor father, and having McCoy to stimulate my youth, I became a doctor, so when I saw a comic devoted to the McCoy from between ST:TOS and ST the first movie, I jumped at it. It's pretty standard stuff, but not bad.

The Guild #1 - depressed girl with lousy life getting hooked on a MMORG. Hmm.

Kill Shakespeare #1 - no.

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