Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We're here, recovering from Carnivore's Feast, yesterday.

forestcats spent a great deal of energy on getting the yard ready, and then cooked up a storm at the Feast, and she's sacked out on the couch right now, dead to the world. A well-deserved rest.

I could barely get up this morning, myself. I almost forgot that we had rental items that were to be picked up this morning; once the crew arrived to get the jumpy tent, tables and chairs, I was able to get much of the trash out of the backyard in the trash barrel. I hope we don't produce any more waste products until Thursday, because there's no more room...

As to the Feast...we had something close to fifty people show up, and though there was a lull in the food around the time of the Iron Chef competition (which axelicious called "Metal Chef"), I got more meat right out afterwards. Folks seemed pretty wrapped up in the competition, which was delightful to see. However, since I was cooking, I missed the whole judging. Jeff, Hettie (of KPCC), and forestcats were the judging team, and apparently, they took their duties very seriously. Every team won some prize; interestingly enough, the team who would find it easiest to use the best gift certificate, from a local butcher shop, was the only one that lives in the area. Good for you, Zach!

We served a variety of unusual meats, as well as some standbys. Chicken wings, in two sauces, London Broil in forestcats rub, kosher beef hot dogs, were all pretty standard. Antelope medallions, rabbit sausage, venison medallions, wild boar sausage, elk steaks and shoulder, lamb in chops, shoulder, and sausages, caribou medallions (which the senior physician of my group really liked), bison tritip and sausages, and the Meat Explosion that forestcats found on the Internet cover most but not all of the foodstuff that we cooked. I grilled, she used a variety of cooking methods. Our friends from many connections joined us in their dozens, and had a wonderful time on a really stunningly beautiful day to be in our backyard. Some enjoyed the equines, several brought their dogs (we had seven scurrying around at maximum), many played in the jumpy tent, and some played the Wii in the living room.

It was a great day, and we were delighted to share it all with everyone.

See you all, and more, next year!!!

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