Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After scurrying around the Inland Empire getting my work done in advance of the show, forestcats and I went to see Dungeonmaster, last night. However, there's been destruction wrought on the stage, again, and so there had to be two "gods", and I was drafted. kar3ning is the god of lights, and I was the deity of darkness. Odd things kept happening with the magic, you see, and I not only kept the party on their toes, but also thefreak. Fun! axelicious had a great role as a fool, there was a bard with a magical music device with which she kept choosing mood music, and several additional party members were pulled out of the audience onto the stage.

The last two shows have been outstanding and fun, and I can't wait until the Mother's Day show (bring your mother, there's a special offer involved...ask forestcats what it was, as I'm too punchy to recall). Oh, and buy a t-shirt and get a free spell. Somebody has threatened to buy 46 t-shirts, and then will blow them all in one scene...

What a great time...

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