Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I'd gotten a copy of Mind Meld inexpensively from Ebay, but found it terribly scratched up, even though it appeared to be sealed with plastic. Unwatchable. Pity.

So, then, I opened Volume One of Samurai 7 to see two of the four episodes, and enjoyed them. It's a re-working of Seven Samurai in an anime SF version. I was impressed with a lot of the artwork, otherwise, it's similar to the original movie. I think I'll be Netflixing the rest of the series. Oddly, Netflix is out of the first volume, which is why I went for the Ebay option.

Before that, we had services, to which I was late. *Sigh*.

forestcats was kind enough to try to stretch out my right shoulder muscles; I feel a bit better.

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