Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday, being Mother's Day, I missed the party for my mother, my sister, and her MIL. Sadness. I had to work.

I did, however, manage to make it to Dungeonmaster, and was tickled pink by the madness that ensued onstage. A total of nine audience members made it onto the stage during the performance, as well as one during the pre-show. Only nine put in cards, and one of those didn't get up to play; the last person brought onstage was thefreak's mother who was summoned by one of the players, oddly enough. Madness takes its toll. The last three episodes of the show have been extremely amusing, and I hope that the cast has been having as much fun as has the audience.

In a related note, forestcats, a couple of nights ago, was looking on Facebook for evidence of the whereabouts of the creator of Dungeonmaster, the actor and multitalented Bruce A. Young. She found a site devoted to him, and then was shocked to see discussions of his demise! It turns out that a professor emeritus from a college in PA named Bruce W. Young had died, and his former students, apparently not trained in intense observation and the use of middle initials, used our Bruce's Facebook page to announce and discuss this tragedy. Pandemonium ensued, until the actor acknowledged his continued existence (is it true that you don't exist until you're on Facebook?). I'm glad to hear that he's all right; forestcats and I think well of him.

It's been a hard weekend; I haven't felt well...our hospital census is fairly high, and I have lots of nursing home work today. I just barely made it to DM last night, and the show ran very long. I'm worn already, and we have the workday ahead. I have to get to it, so I truncate these musings.

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