Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy at work; the house calls are really becoming a staple for my duties, just like the nursing homes. I have six this week; not bad considering not long ago, I might or might not have any visits in a given week. The families are very appreciative, as well, as the patients are chosen for their limited mobility or weakness; I don't go out to see folks who are capable of getting to the office with relative ease.

However, yesterday should have been a day when I was home relatively early, and even so, I didn't get back until nearly 9PM. That's good for our balance of payments, but not so good for my state of rest.

forestcats put her foot down, last night, and insisted that I go to bed a bit more than an hour earlier than I usually do, or, in other words, a little more than an hour after I got home. I acquiesced (sp?). I feel better today than I have in several days...

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