Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

OK, so I'd better talk about THE RING, today, lest I forget and later feel guilty.

This goes back decades to get to the very start...

I decided that I was going to beg forestcats to permit me to marry her. One of the things that required was that I get an engagement ring. Having visited a couple of jewelry stores with her at various times, I picked one out that I thought would be to her taste. I put it on layaway, planning to pay a little at a time. I then gave my parents warning of my plans, and they were aghast that I'd picked out a ring without forestcats participation. So, later on, I took her to the same store, and let her see the ring. She instantly disliked it, but loved another ring at the store, so we shifted the credit, and I continued to pay over time.

forestcats proceeds to take her grandmother to Ireland for a trip. On the day of her return, we were going to be at Windycon, so I decided to pay out the rest for the ring, and surprise her with it at O'Hare.

I checked into the hotel at the convention, showed the ring to a variety of people who were very excited for us, and then on Saturday, went to the airport to meet the ladies. At the international terminal, I ran into forestcats mother who was going to pick up the grandmother. So, I was a bit flustered...

Then, we see forestcats walking down the corridor from Customs...and then walking back in, as if she were going to run through the security check again, voluntarily. Then, she returned, grandma in tow. She immediately starts telling about how Customs had let her through, rapidly, not allowing her time to complete her declarations...and I pulled out the ring and put in on her finger.

Notice, I forgot to ASK her. So, even now, forestcats complains that I never asked her to marry me. And she's right. I guess it just came through via telepathy.

In any case, we went to the convention, people crowded around her to see the ring (which was a reddish-gold diamond ring of a very unusual pattern; an estate ring that she loved), even before we had a chance to take her luggage up to the room. She was irritated with me that everyone there already knew I was going to give her the ring...

Years passed. We got married; she had her wedding ring made special so that it fitted right up against the engagement ring.

Then, when I was working at Friendly Hills Medical Group (now defunct), she visited me at work, one afternoon, and the staff asked to examine her ring. She took it off, allowing it, while I went to see a patient; apparently, she stepped away for a moment to the bathroom, or some such. When she and I returned, the ring was gone. One of the three staff had stolen it! We were in a quandry, and instead of calling the police, we simply suffered.

Years have passed. I've gifted her with another ring that is beautiful in its own right, but we've never seen a comparable ring structure.

Until very recently. A couple of weeks ago, forestcats found a ring on Ebay from a dealer in estate jewelry from Chicago that looks almost exactly like the old ring. Apparently, there was a specific jeweler in the city who made these rings to a pattern of his own devising, and this was another such. She negotiated a sale at a very good price.

This week, it arrived in the mail. She took me by surprise as I returned home from work, and demanded that I open the envelope in the driveway. When I realized what it was, I shook, dropped it, picked it up, cried...and forgot to ask her to marry me...AGAIN!

But I can't stop kissing her on the hand next to the ring...

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