Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

As I was driving around, this week, pretty late in the evening, I regularly heard the NPR show The Story, via KPCC. It came to me, as I was listening to one particular fellow, that he was a pretty darn good storyteller, and I was reminded of a summer in the 70s.

You see, I worked three summers as a summer camp counselor, once at Camp JCA Barton Flats, and twice at Blue Star Camps Hendersonville, NC. At the latter facility, one summer, we had a person show up who told stories, and encouraged us all, kids and counselors, to tell our own stories in our own ways.

I was inspired, but didn't do anything much about it for a long time thereafter, being busy with pre-med classes, and later medical school. But then I did find a place to get published, and I did write and sell a few things.

I found that storytelling is a useful method for encouraging and educating my patients.

And now I blog.

And hopefully, I tell stories fairly well, and were I ever to meet the storyteller again, I could truthfully say that I'd taken his words to heart!
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