Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I managed to finish reading another David Weber book from the Honor Harrington series...the latest, Mission of Honor. I like these books in general, but the series seems to have nearly stalled. More than three quarters of this book seems to be meetings of one sort or another, and much of the interpersonal detail is laid down much earlier in the series. If you picked this up cold, you'd probably have trouble following it. It moves the series forward, but it isn't stand-alone at all.

Once I got home, last night, I was delighted to taste another cheese that forestcats made at a class that she'd attended...a mozzarella! Yummy!

As the evening wore on, we watched another Foyle's War episode from season six, via Netflix, and it was still very good. One more episode left in this run. Then, we tried out the pilot episode of Warehouse 13 and liked it very much. There's still a couple episodes on the disc to try out.

Happy Independence Day, y'all!

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