Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Today opened with me on the computer, followed by me opening a package of materials (DVD and book) by the chef, Eric Ripert. I liked that, and then puttered around, getting dressed, and using some of the Borders Gift Cards I'd been given by using them online, but swiftly thereafter, we made our way to Fry's to get me my birthday present, a graphics tablet, so I can play with pixels as art.

From Fry's, we drove to UCLA, because I was in the mood to see the alma mater.

Once there, forestcats had heard that one of the famous food trucks of LA was going to be on the science quad, so we made our way there, and found two of them: Vesuvio, and India Jones, from the latter of which we purchased a very tasty meal of butter chicken curry and paratha (for me, keema paratha). Lovely. After eating, we were surprised to run across Brandon, the son of friends, who's already started at school by taking Chemistry and Calculus as summer school, brave lad. He thereupon tattled to his parents that we were around, and footloose and fancy-free. More on that, anon.

Then we wandered the campus a little, stopping at the Student Store, the Alumni Association, picking up a copy of the Daily Bruin and assorted other fun things. Campus is a haven for my memories; I loved going to UCLA, and it's great to take it in again. In fact, forestcats and I just sat and people watched for nearly an hour, just because it was a beautiful day with a cool breeze, and it was just the right thing to do.

Leaving campus in mid-afternoon, we got a call from Randy, Brandon's step-dad, and he asked us to meet up with Hettie at their home in Echo Park to join them for dinner at Taix, and we agreed. To take our time, because Hettie wouldn't be home until after three, we drove most of the way on Wilshire Blvd, thereby seeing a variety of food trucks parked along the street. Clearly, this is a new wave in high quality foodstuffs in LA. We got to their home safely, approximately two minutes ahead of Hettie, and hung out, chatting over sangria until Randy could get home.

Food at Taix was very good.

More chatting, nice and relaxed. It's a shame I have to go to work in the morning!

Then home...

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