Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Let's start with finishing another Osprey book, yesterday, namely Osprey Fortress #85: Scapa Flow: The Defences of Britain's Great Fleet Anchorage 1914 - 45. Interesting, including maps of minefields, booms, sensor arrays and other things nautical and military. It's not in the typical range of most Osprey books that I read (pre-gunpowder, for the most part, with exceptions), but I admit some real fascination for that arm of the British military.

For the day's activities, we'd discussed the possibility of going to a Clean House yard sale in Carson, but no address was posted on either the show's web site, or the Facebook blog of Trish Suhr, one of the cast. forestcats posted a query to another cast member, and he promptly (at 3AM!!!) posted the address. I came upon it at 8AM, and we were on our way by 9, though I hadn't finished with the computer projects I was doing at the time.

The sale included a number of formed cake tins, and so we came home with one of Boba Fett, and another with a belching dragon. We also picked up the hedgetrimmer. The three cast members that we saw (because Niecy hadn't left her trailer yet) were all dressed in costumes supposedly of Greek gods, but the designer's costume looked more like a Roman Emperor. We were treated well, had an interesting time, and were out of there pretty quickly. No, I didn't see much of anything that I HAD to HAVE.

Subsequently, we called up macapunohead, and went to visit them at home in Bellflower. We chatted with him, rqlii, and ladyarcana55; the latter of which spoke at length to my spouse, conferring on gardening issues. It was a pleasant stop.

From thence we went food truck hunting. Thereupon we found The Grilled Cheese Truck where I purchased three different grilled cheese sandwiches of which we each ate half. The day's special with heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella didn't excite me too much, the Garden one wasn't too good, but the Brie one with pears was very sweet and tasty. We both agreed that the crusts were tough and excessively chewy. To compare to forestcats grilled cheese sandwiches, it's my wife's work hands down. To compare to most restaurant's, it's the truck, by far. To compare to other roach coaches, it's the Grilled Cheese Truck by a mile.

From there, we went to my mother's. We've shifted to using a wireless printer/fax/copier in the home, to allow forestcats to print things without having to email them to me, and so our laser printer is taking up useful space. On the other hand, my mother can't seem to get much more than one printing out of her inkjet without having to replace the ink cartridge's because she prints so rarely, and so we exchanged out the printers for her. We went out for dinner with her to Brent's was OK, but nothing special.

We made a stop at the Archer's for whom we are cat-sitting, and we got those chores done. Then home.

All-in-all, it was a damn hot day to be out running around. By the beach (Marina del Rey) when we got the grilled cheese, it was reasonably mild, but everywhere else the temperatures were in the 100s, and very uncomfortable. Ugh.

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