Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I worked all day, yesterday, between office hours in the morning, and four hospitals to round at in the afternoon. I got home after 7PM, and had a bit to eat.

I put on a Netflix disc of ST:DS9, and got through one episode without trouble, but the second one was unwatchable thanks to scratches. A new one will be en route Monday.

Once forestcats got home from the food spectacular that she visited with other LJ folk, I streamed The Third Man, a 1949 thriller set in post-WWII Vienna, with Orson Wells. Not bad, but not nearly as exciting as the Bourne films. I finished the evening, plagued by pages from the beeper, by watching another episode of Jeremiah season one, and it, too, was a bit heavy-handed. I suspect that I'll slowly work my way through all the available episodes, but I'm not expecting to like them all that much.

Today, I still have four hospitals to enjoy, and I'm going to try to do all the nursing homes, so that tomorrow, once the office is finished, I'll be able to come straight home. Huzzah!!!

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