Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

some definitions

Jam: Fruit juices and pieces of the cooked fruit's flesh.

Jelly: A clear fruit substance containing the fruit's juice, sweetened and set with pectin.

Butter: The fruit is forced through a sieve after cooking.

Preserves: A term generally interchangeable with jam.

Marmalade: Jam with the peel, in Britain, it's apparently often bitter.

Confit: Usually means cooking meats in their own fat, and then letting it cool to set, but it can mean cooking fruits in sugar or honey until they're jam-like in consistency.

Conserve: Fruit stewed in sugar.

Curd: Typically, beaten egg yolks, fruit juice, zest, sugar, made into a topping.

Spread: A jam or preserve with no added sugar.

There. I feel so much better, now.
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