Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

OK, so, this morning, before I headed out early to work, I finished reading a book by Harry Turtledove, called In the Presence of Mine Enemies, an alternate history novel where he explores a Nazi Germany in the 90s, assuming the victory of the Germans in WWII, and the following nuclear war with the US. Frightening, as the protagonists are Jews who've managed to hide their religion not unlike the Marranos of Spain after the expulsion of the Jews in the late fifteenth century. Worth reading.

Later today, I also read four comic books. The first was Fables #97...Red wakes up. Second was the new Harlan Ellison comic, Phoenix Without Ashes #1 which looks to be interesting. Then, I saw Sweets #2, and so I picked it up with #1 and tried them both, and they are a short comic series about a murder investigation in New Orleans. Not bad.

We went out this evening for an Italian meal at Cannataro's, and I'll post about that on Yelp. Following that, there was a sale on at Macy's and I got some work shirts, and some polo shirts, which six days out of ten are also work shirts for me...
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