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August 22nd, 2010

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09:04 am
We were very busy, yesterday. I opened up getting out of the house relatively early to go get my brakes worked on, and it took about two hours.

Home again, we got a variety of items ready for a weekend workshop for props and costumes for Dungeonmaster; the play will be starting a new season next month. As it turned out, themodeinliz and a new cast member showed up, and a number of terrific new pieces were completed. I pulled out the Dremel, and my wood carving kit to make a crude sign for Diggins' Pub, a new pre-show activity...

Once the folk left, I pulled out the Netflix disc we'd been watching of Young Indiana Jones and we finished watching the last two special features lectures which were once more excellent. Then, I finished watching another disc of ST:DS9 season five.

Today, we're going to be open to further costuming work, after we stop at the optometrist's for an eye checkup for each of us. I think we both need new glasses...

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