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In other gripes:

So, I'm driving home, with about four exits to go, and I was forced over to the right lane on the freeway, which isn't too bad, as most of the traffic is going at the same speed, within a few MPH, when this wannabe SUV pulls in from the onramp. I was a courteous driver, and didn't ride up his ass, but he didn't accelerate to freeway speed. In fact, he was driving a good 20MPH slower than the speed of traffic. After about a mile of this, I finally had a break, and I pulled around him. As I passed, I noticed that he wasn't watching the fact, he was texting!

Nowadays, in California, that is illegal. Had there been a CHP vehicle around, especially when he drew attention to himself by being so much slower than the rest of us, he'd have gotten a ticket.

I'm guessing that it's been so long since the law was enacted, that some dimwits have already forgotten about it. I know that I'm seeing a lot more people holding their cell phones to their ears than I did when the law making that illegal came into being.

And it really does affect your driving...
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