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We're back from the Orange County Foodie Fest 2010. We got in with VIP tickets, allowing us entry about an hour before General Admission.

It was worth every penny. No lines, a tent for relaxation when needed, some of the vendors food for free.

The event showcased some fifty food trucks, including three of the seven presently being showcased on a Food Network show, The Great Food Truck Race on Sunday nights with repeats during the week. A couple of them are among those that forestcats enjoyed at the Rose Bowl a few weeks ago, and this was my chance to try them.

We were among the first in line at the VIP gate, and once we were allowed in, they gave us a gift bag which had Medieval Times baseball caps, which, since I forgot to take a hat, was very helpful. They had a backdrop for photo opportunities; we didn't use it just then, but later we got a shot taken by one of the staff with our camera. I suspect that it will turn up on forestcats blog very soon.

Each truck's foodstuffs were to be purchased; apparently, this event was for charitable purposes. I don't happen to know which charities were benefiting; all I know is that my belly was happy...

When we were first allowed in, some of the trucks were not yet ready to cook. The first that we tried was Dogzilla, a Japanese take on the hot dog. They were selling sample sizes, thank goodness, and although the hot dog itself was nothing special, the toppings were quite tasty.

The second stop was Ta Bom. We had a fried cheesey something, and spiced ground beef in a tasty dough packet. Yum.

Third was Dumpling Station. We were trying to pace ourselves, and ordered their Wasabi Garlic Fries, but the amount was too much, and we ended up sharing with other folk wandering nearby, including some media people. Not bad, but not a reason to go back to the truck.

Fourth truck we tried was Crepes Bonaparte, which is one of the trucks in the Food Network TV show. We had a spectacular blue cheese and chicken crepe whose name escapes me, but it's well worth trying if the truck is nearby.

Fifth truck we tried was Komodo, which was forestcats favorite from her previous experience, and it was really good. We ended up with five tacos, all different, and three were outstanding while the other two were good. I'm very impressed with them, and their food was probably the best we had all day.

After a short rest in the VIP tent, and some water, we went over to World Fare, a double decker bus rebuilt as a restaurant on wheels. We shared their chicken curry, and the macaroni & cheese, deep-fried, and flavored with truffles. These were very good, but the drinks that they sold (in this case, Strawberry Basil Lemonade) were wonderfully refreshing. We climbed atop the vehicle to eat, and look out over the event.

Next was Longboards, because my sweet tooth was demanding equal time. forestcats had eaten at this truck in the past, and I got a mango ice cream bar dipped in dark chocolate, which they call a Skinnydipper, and it was very satisfying. Quick, easy, tasty.

Finally, we tried Vizzi. They had a bunch of gourmet sliders, and we tried the wagyu beef one, and it was tasty, but by the time we'd eaten there, our palates were swamped with sensations, and although the meat was tender, and the sauce had flavor, it just didn't sing. I think that if I run across this truck again, I should give it a chance first to see how good they really are.

We then sat down with some more drinks from World Fare at the VIP booth, and vegged out for half an hour, and then called it a day. The lines were becoming too much to deal with, and it was getting hotter, though the temperatures weren't going to touch the 100s, had it been three days earlier. So, home, for a food coma!

It was a terrific time! If we do it again next year, I would definitely want to do it again with VIP tickets. It was well worth the added expense.

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