Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I helped forestcats with MaiMai a bit, yesterday; the horse was supposedly trained for a month, but either it didn't take (which I doubt), or it wasn't performed adequately. In any case, she's a sweet horse, and I expect that forestcats will soon have her very responsive.

Then, we went for the afternoon to see the Professional Bull Riders event at the Citizen Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. It's the first time we've gone to anything at this venue, which, IIRC, is about two years old...maybe three? Anyway, it's an intimate venue; we've been to rodeos before, but this felt much closer. There were a couple dozen cowboys doing the bull riding, with half a dozen each from Brazil and Australia, which was kind of cool. There were some spectacular pyrotechnics, and the rodeo clown's moves reminded both forestcats and I of axelicious when he's hopping. There'd been bull riding the previous night, apparently, and these were the semi-finals and the finals, and only one rider managed to stay on three bulls in the two days. Approximately six managed two out of three.

The strobe lights in the pyrotechnical display gave me a headache, so after some Tylenol and a quick nap, the remainder of the day was a lazy one, especially in light of being thoroughly on call this week (hospitals in the daytime, beeper at night). Honestly, I prefer it this way, so when I get called by the hospitals, I already know the patients. I won't be on duty this weekend, though. The holiday is supposed to be my associates'.

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