Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, yesterday was a big day for power tools...I broke out the power drill and the Dremel, and took the hardware that forestcats had purchased to make a cheese press. Unfortunately, she'd assumed that we had all the tools we needed, but I had to get some specific drill bits that we didn't already have, as well as a pair of tin snips. Once in hand, though, we were good, and I managed to do it, with only one slip up. There is a crack in the base piece, but everything holds together well, and I don't think it will matter. It's my understanding that later today another pressed cheese will be prepared to age like the cheddar is presently doing in the refrigerator.

Later in the day, I rode Yogi for the first time. Whoa.

We finished the day by watching a film directed by Kevin Smith, Cop Out. I can see his hand in it, but it's not a typical Smith film. 'Twasn't written by him, for one thing. We enjoyed it, but it's mental bubblegum.

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