Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Another busy day with my beloved, yesterday. forestcats and I did some shopping to gather material for the High Holidays, and then prepared bags with Jewish Calendars and some goodies for the services tomorrow night.

Earlier, we repaired the dog door in the kitchen; it had some holes in it, leading to some heat entering the kitchen this summer. Now, it's sealed up pretty well. After the repairs, our cat Ghost, who likes to sun outside on the tree, and spend the nighttime indoors, complained mightily to me about the changes, but come morning he was found in the master bathroom as usual, expecting breakfast.

I also got some of the laundry done during the day.

Quite the successful weekend, with lots of household projects completed.

Now, to be ready for the High Holidays, I have to get lots of things done today.

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