Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After a day of various and sundry chores (laundry, a little yard cleaning, clearing out the truck), we joined the Archers and went into the city for a dinner at Umami Burger, which they enjoyed a great deal, and then we sought out some of the food trucks. It was Fashion Walk, and in areas where there were a concentration of clothing boutiques, there was a concentration of trucks. I ended up trying some dessert from Sweet E's near Robertson, which was not outstanding, and then we drove to Rodeo Drive (upon which I can't recall ever treading before), and found The Border Grill Truck. Now, I love the Border Grill, and I've eaten at both the Santa Monica and Las Vegas versions, but the truck didn't hold a candle to the restaurant. I will take into account that we were the second to the last order that they accepted for the evening, and that they were out of nearly everything, but in this case I would rather go back to the brick and mortar place.

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