Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I did some nursing home work, today, and stopped at one hospital to dictate a couple of discharge summaries. Once home, I did a little more to clean up the backyard, and then after a nap, we took off into Diamond Bar where the Kogi truck was supposed to make an appearance.

They were half an hour late, and there was a long line already waiting for them, and we joined the line. While we waited, we chatted with several young men who were trying to decide if they wanted to wait so long for mere food. In the end, they did.

I found the food tasted good, far better than any typical roach coach foodstuffs, and of a sort I'd never had before. Kogi is a fusion between Korean and Mexican fare. I just wish that they'd posted better descriptions of the food on the side of the truck. Heck, not everything that they were selling was even posted ... "Just ask!" when there's another hundred people in line behind you doesn't exactly work!

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