Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Very busy, yesterday.

I started out with an 8AM meeting of my medical group that the chief thought would take less than an hour, but took over three, but we haven't had a similar meeting in over 9 months, so there was a lot to review.

I followed that by going to the barber's. Past due, really. forestcats feels that they overdid it, as I've probably lost two pounds just in hair, but it'll grow back.

Once home I had to go out (twice, because I'm stupid) to get materials from the fabric store for some costuming work that she was doing for Dungeonmaster. Once I did get home, I helped with some of the elastic work, though I don't intend to take credit. I loaded up the truck with the assembled props and costumes that we'd gathered during the hiatus, and we left for the show.

Dungeonmaster, yesterday, was the opening of a new season, extended to seven episodes this time, and we were going to reinstate an old device of the Chicago days by reopening Diggen's Pub, both before and after the show, where refreshments could be purchased, and some materials and information for the game could also be purchased. They did a terrific job of setting the stage for the pub in the breezeway, and I look forward to supporting the pub. We'll have to fine-tune the prices and what the pub carries until we get it right for the audience. In fact, I think I should post a query on the yahoogroup to see what folks want...but I digress.

This week's show was very well-attended, and the players were clearly having fun with the interesting adventure. I'm excited to see how the season progresses, as there's obviously more to come with some serious ramifications. Can't wait!

We went out to House of Pies with a number of cast and audience, and stayed out too late.

So, now, back to work.
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