Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday opened with me on the computer, but in the later part of the morning, forestcats asked me to join her as she went to fit a project to several dogs. She's had an annual job for one woman to make interesting costumes for her dogs, who then go to shows and they tend to win, thereby getting prizes of lots of free dog food. We loaded up the costumes, and went to a dog agility show in Ontario, and most of the items fitted well, with only slight work needed. One had to be reworked from scratch. We stopped at IHOP for brunch, and went back home, where I wrote the recently posted synopsis for Dungeonmaster's last episode, and she got the costumes completed.

She went back to the show, while I started on the yard clean-up process, since this week we'll be hosting Sukkot services at our place. I'm happy with how much better it looks, but there's still plenty to do. forestcats joined me when she'd finished her delivery, and we got a lot done.

Into the evening, forestcats made up London broil with her wonderful rub, and we had a good dinner, to be followed by a stop at Tutti Frutti for some frozen yogurt. Yum.

I was directed to watch episode one, season one of Angel by my beloved, and I did so via Netflix streaming, and it was pretty good, though I gather that you're expected to have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I've never done. However, she likes it, and she wants me to catch up to her so we can watch more together, so I will.

Oh, and congratulations to the Grill 'Em All truck...

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