Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Earlier today, I finished reading a relatively short mystery novel set in Ancient Rome by David Wishart, called Parthian Shot. It was pretty solidly written, and compared to others in this series, it was a pretty fast read. I like them, but I wouldn't start this saga with this particular novel.

I'm glad that forestcats didn't stay out in this blazing heat we had today with the yard sale. She came in after a couple of hours, with not too much cash to show for it. The good thing is that I cleared out the garage of books for a used book shop. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my work done early enough so that we can take them all in for possible sale.

Once I finally did get home, and reveled in the potato leek soup forestcats made (YUM!), we sat down and finished watching a disc of season four of Dexter. Much better characterization here than last season's work. Back to Netflix with the disc, and now we await its replacement.

Dungeonmaster tonight in Hollywood at the Write Act Theater, 7PM. All the cool kids'll be there!
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