Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I was out and working relatively early, yesterday, especially in light of it being a Sunday, but I needed to do that to get out of the house early to Dungeonmaster. I was home in the early afternoon, and we rapidly scooted to Kinko's to prepare some of the necessary printed materials for the show.

I tried calling the Iliad bookstore to see if they were buying, today, but they waved me off. Unfortunately, I don't think any local used bookstores (few as there are) will do anything but offer credit, and I don't really want that, just now. forestcats has a service in mind to use to sell for us, for a fee. They'll arrange the shipping, too, apparently. So we're probably going to have to ship these to them. We'll see.

Last night's Dungeonmaster show was very good again, and generated a lot of positive energy. The audience members called down to participate did a terrific job, especially since half of them were first-timers. I'll be posting a synopsis later in the week, when I have some time.

Before the show, we ate again at Tropicale. The food is still very good, but the waitress that recognized us each time we went appears to have moved on. I hope, to better and better jobs! After the show, we joined folks at House of Pies, and among the topics discussed was the possibility for Dungeonmaster to go on the road again, to Strategicon. We'll see if we can make it happen.
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