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synopsis again!

Several days ago, we once again had a Dungeonmaster show in Hollywood, and once again, it was an excellent run, with thrills, spills and laughter. Before the show, Diggin’s Pub had a brilliant new game, for which adventurers won coin of the realm. Then the audience was invited to enter the theater. Once the rules were recited, and the fighters mighty gave their demonstration we move on into the play itself:

Thunder Down Under

Being the second episode of this season of Dungeonmaster

The first scene opens in a throne room, where a drow male sits, exulting in his glory, and his plans to rule the drow underworld. Suddenly, a drow female, who should look familiar to us from last week’s episode, enters, berating him for his hubris. He apologizes, and she immediately tells him that if he apologizes again, she’ll enslave him.

In the ensuing conversation, she mentions that the ICESHARD, a staff of power, has been left in the hands of CHASER, who she resurrected at the end of the last show. The drow male appears befuddled by this revelation; why should a mere human be given this item, when the drow could hold and protect this key to the Underworld? In fact, this key isn’t needed to open the Underworld, it keeps it closed…

Next scene,the SENESCHAL of the dwarven kingdom is hard-pressed by the citizenry due to the horrific earthquakes and magma flows into the business district of the dwarven city. The unrest is expressed from all sides, and so the politician is forced to accede, and he promises to accelerate their efforts to stem this natural disaster by retrieving the TALISMAN OF FIRE..

The scene changes, and we are in a different shop. ALDO is cleaning up, and is soon sent packing by the SENESCHAL, who want to see his master. Soon, BOJAK enters the shop, lollipop in mouth, a human who is famed through various parts of Atoll for his detective skills. BOJAK states the price he wants to complete his mission, and after agreement, he and a delighted ALDO exit for the brothel to gather a force of adventurers to help him in his quest.

We enter the brothel in the next scene, and BOJAK and ALDO are met by MADAME SERENA who asks if it’s time to make ALDO a man, but no, not yet. BOJAK relates to her how he needs a party of adventurers, and she begins calling forth the party. Sir Anthony the Nice, Khazamar the Djinn, Fruity Spice, Johnny Nimrod, and Christoff all come down to help save the dwarven kingdom. They are quickly armed and armored, and off they go to visit CLERIC BELLOW to get some inkling of where to find the TALISMAN.

Next scene, they meet up with a BLIND SEER in the passageway to the CLERIC’s chambers. She begs that BOJAK stop what he is doing because it will lead to the destruction of the kingdoms of the humans, dwarves, gnomes, kobolds and drow, but BOJAK won’t listen. Finally, she gives each of the members of the party a look into their future; each got a one word response which I was unable to document (those in the know can add the information as replies to this post). Suddenly, the CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD appears, and drives off the BLIND SEER, and begins berating BOJAK in no uncertain terms. One mistake, even only ONE, and he’ll be dragged in by the CAPTAIN on charges.

We move on to the next scene…slowly. BOJAK apparently takes the party along the long route to the CLERIC’s chambers, and the CLERIC waits irritably. When the party assembles in his room at the Temple, he reports to them that the TALISMAN was apparently built by the gnomes, and has power over fire and magma. Unfortunately, they don’t really know where it has been hidden. The party pores over an ancient map, and various writings gathered from deep in the dwarven libraries, and they decide to go to the Mines of Loggia.

However, that wasn’t right. So, they had to head off for the Ruins of Palin’Dum. (I could have this backwards, but I don’t think so.)

On the way, they hear a cat mewing. They look around, and find a sweet little cat just off their path…who turns out to be the dreaded zombie cat of the Prince of the Dwarves! Raised from the dead by misguided adventurers, trying to keep a rakshasa from being stolen from their party, it stalks the earth, trying to wreak vengeance on all living things for disturbing the pretty kitty’s eternal rest! It bites and claws Fruity Spice who becomes a zombie in turn, and turns on the party, while others of the party slay the undead puss. Pandemonium ensues, but in the end, a spell leads to a pet zombie for the party, but one of primate, rather than feline background.

Finally, they arrive at the gates of the Ruins, and are met by guards who are tired of standing around at this boring duty post. When the party arrives, they are delighted to refuse them entry. The only person who can countermand their orders is the King, who is presently at a wedding…so the party teleports him invisibly there to countermand the orders. More pandemonium, but the guards finally let them through.

Deeper in the Ruins, the party finds a rather cute creature with shaggy black hair, and big red lips. It’s sweet, and loveable, and tries to rub up against everyone. It is a rust monster, and anything metallic it touches immediately rusts and powders away. Sir Anthony attempts to keep it at bay with is pole arm, but is stymied when it is destroyed. At that point, the party sicced the zombie on the rust monster, and Fruity Undead Spice attacked the ferrous oxide cranium with relish! Soon, the monster was dead…and then unexpectedly leapt up undead! It was finally put down messily.

In the distance a shouting voice is heard: that of the CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD, supported by troopers. BOJAK has the party and ALDO hide, while he addresses the issues. Unfortunately, he is taken into custody, and the party is left with ALDO, who takes off his hat, reaches in finding an item which he unwraps, and promptly pops into his mouth…a lollipop!

Entering the next scene, there is a flowing river of magma. At first, the party tried a spell to cover the magma with ice, which simply filled the room with steam as the ice rapidly melted. They became much more uncomfortable. Finally, the Djinn unrolled a carpet, which he imbued with flight, and he quickly flew the party, one by one, over to the other side. Unfortunately, Sir Anthony’s shining armor melted before it was his turn, killing him.

Next, a door. The door speaks in rhyming couplets, but due to its lack of mobility, it has no grand gestures. He’s a former adventurer, turned into a door so long ago, he can no longer remember how it happened. IIRC, Johnny Nimrod throws a spell to release the door, and is himself transformed into the door. He’s now ensorcelled to force the party to answer a riddle before opening, and anyone attempting to release him via spell will be made into the new door. In addition, he too must speak in rhyming couplet. However, he allows the party into the next room by riddling them as to the number that follows three…

In this chamber, it’s rather dark, and there’s a number of boxes. On the one hand, there’s few left to open boxes, and on the other, folks seem to be disappearing into the darkness. I think it was the Djinn who threw a spell bringing all the party back to the room alive and well, and Sir Anthony opened one box which glued his hands to the box. He escaped when he slithered out of his gauntlets. While the Shadows once again began preying on the party members, the TALISMAN was revealed, and the remaining party beat a hasty retreat.

Racing back to the dwarven kingdom, the party enters the King’s court as BOJAK is being reviled by the CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD and other members of the court. ALDO brings in the TALISMAN, intending to take credit for its retrieval, and is quickly assaulted by BOJAK, who wants to prove his success by giving it to the King. In the scuffle, the TALISMAN is broken apart! How can it be repaired!!!

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