Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We checked out of the hotel, but continued at Convergence until well into the afternoon, participating in a couple more panels, as well as picking up some artwork from the art show, and being part of an improv workshop. I did pretty well in it. We then bade farewell to the folks we'd newly met who I expect that we'll see again at Condor this winter.

On the way home, forestcats persuaded me, not that it took much persuading, to stop at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore just off the 163 Freeway in San Diego. Since it's one of the few remaining independent bookstores, we stocked up on a number of mystery and SF titles before loading up to head back to the Inland Empire.

Once back, we stopped in Corona to visit with _hendel_, who, with his daughter, is down to enjoy the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm. They're staying in Corona for the visit, and were just off our homeward bound route. We spent a couple of hours chatting, and had a bite to eat, and then returned to our homestead, to unload and reconnect with our pets. brushette was especially miffed at missing her typical Sunday walk in the park, while corveys was just happy to see forestcats.

I then spent the rest of the evening unpacking, and writing the synopsis of the last Dungeonmaster episode. Hopefully, the new friends we made in San Diego will read it over, and try to come up to join us in future shows. Like, say, next Sunday?

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