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another Dungeonmaster synopsis

Being a synopsis of the latest episode of Dungeonmaster:


Once again, a nice crowd presented themselves to the ticket seller, and a large percentage of the crowd volunteered to make up the show’s party for the evening. Diggen’s was busy, as well.

After a fascinating Fighters Mighty, during which the audience were stimulated to chant “Buddy! Buddy! Buddy!”, the plot defeated the fighter on the opposite side.

And then the opening. Deep underground, a demonic form paced back and forth, and danced a bit with its six (or was it eight? Or seven?) legs. The creature ranted to itself, expressing fear of the cavern ceiling caving in after the centuries that it had been captive. Suddenly, scintillating lights appear, and the Drow female makes an appearance. She confers with the demon, informing it that she has ICESHARD, and that she is willing to free the demon, but only if it serves her. The creature professes its power, and refuses, until the Drow tells it that she knows its true name…

Next scene we see a pair of dwarven clerics who argue about the results of the previous episode, and one complains to the other of her stupidity in hiring the party who only led to the breaking of the TALISMAN OF FIRE, which the dwarves need to control the magma that is destroying the mushroom chambers, and the workshops of home. Finally, a cat fight erupts between the two female clerics. At that point, DAVID the gnome doctor arrives, gabbling cheerfully about the fun he’s having, treating the many burn patients, and the heat strokes, and the wounds…

The clerics interrupt him as they know that only a gnome could repair the TALISMAN, and so they break into his soliloquy about medicine, and finally persuade him to come to the KING.

In the next scene we find the KING and his court. The clerics explain the problems, and that they’ve found a gnome, in the hopes that he could fix the TALISMAN, but the doctor can’t. After some fiddling, and trying to piece it together themselves, the KING exclaims that they have to send the artifact to BINGLES THERMOPUMP, the master of SCIENCE!!! NINDER, of the regal court, offers to take the TALISMAN to the mechanic, but he feels that he can’t go alone. It’s suggested that there will be people at the JAMBOREE who might be willing to protect him and the TALISMAN.

The next scene is the JAMBOREE, a party indeed! There’s drumming, dancing, and whooping it up. The dancers pull several members of the audience out into the action: a pixie named Candy Cupcake, a half-orc named Krog (later known as Horc), an elf named Sheila Tearleaf, a shambling corpse who ruins the tales of the silence of the dead named Balerath, a spy named 10 who wears many hats, and finally a designer (interior? Clothes?) named (according to my notes…) Jasor Sltale (boy, I must have been really TIRED when I took those notes!!!). They join in the fun, kicking up their heels.

The KING enters with NINDER and the TALISMAN. Silence is called for, and slowly occurs. The KING is sorry to interfere with the celebration, but he calls for volunteers to go with NINDER to do whatever is necessary to repair the TALISMAN, and the players agree. Off they go, and the JAMBOREE resumes with the KING dancing.

Next, a dark room. Only a few races can see in the dark, such as the half-orc, or the dwarf guide, but the remainder of the party could not. One of the party throws a light spell which lights things up a bit. Once they could see, they discover a large box. Opening it disgorges a beautiful woman, who hugs person after person, leading each to collapse from blood loss from the lamia hidden by the illusion of beauty. It is quickly realized, and the undamaged members of the party slay the creature. At this point, Balerath makes his powers known, as he is a Guardian of the Flame. He heals one of the wounded, and after the death of the second, he raises the party member from the dead, expending his non-personal powers in one scene. A Guardian corpse???

The next room is once again dark, and this time Balerath throws a spell that gives them all the ability to see in the dark for the remainder of the show, which succeeds (but probably should have worn off by the next scene…editorial comment copyright me). At this point, most of the party have no weapons aside from Balerath, and so they are attacked by TROGLODYTES. They successfully beat off the attack, but in so doing, they are imbued with a stench that nearly causes the pixie to collapse in vapors. (I can’t at this date recall what they did to deal with this, but I suspect a spell was used).

The next scene opens with BINGLES THERMOPUMP dealing with SCIENCE!!! He’s abusing his lab assistants, and pulls an audience member (whose birthday it was that day) out onto the stage, along with several cast to become parts of his machine, a corndog maker! It didn’t really work all that well, and indeed fails after just a couple of moments. The party enters, and BINGLES drags them into being portions of the mechanism. One of the party attempts to make the machine function by throwing a spell, but it fails, and all the gnomes present begin chattering about SCIENCE!!! Soon, with the members of the party aiding the great machine’s function, it’s puttering away, making corn dogs. Alton Brown would be so proud.

BINGLES was then open to talking to the party about the TALISMAN OF FIRE, and how to repair it. Unfortunately, it’s beyond the knowledge of present technology. BINGLES suggests finding a gnome who was alive 3000 years ago to ask him/her. Unfortunately, the typical age that gnomes reach is about 200. Still, there might be some gnome somewhere… Suddenly BINGLES recalls an item which might succeed in finding such a gnome, by use of SCIENCE!!! He gives the party and AGOMETER, and shows them how to set the dial to 3000 years old, and off they go!

Moving in the direction given by the AGOMETER, the party enters a scene with three rodent-like creatures of unusual size, all with sunglasses and canes. They are arguing. They aren’t speaking in any tongue the party recognizes, but after someone threw a spell to make their gibberish understandable, they ask for the party to mediate. The male is married to MOLLY, and she thinks he, MONTY, is hanging out with that hussy, MYLIE. In the ensuing fracas, he admits it, and MOLLY marches off, dragging one of the party members off to have her mole way with him. MONTY expresses concern that they might be overtaken by the party of kobolds who’ve appeared in the area, oddly enough. As the party leaves, MONTY admits that he already misses MOLLY…

As the party moves into the next scene, they are attacked by spiders, who are fairly quickly mopped up.

Then they enter a scene with ruins, and FIZZLE, a very old gnome by years, who only looks forty or so. The AGOMETER leads them right up to him, and he appears startled. The party explain the conundrum of why they were seeking him and what they are looking for, though he certainly doesn’t look his age. It’s at this point that he tells them that he was the door from the previous episode, and that he’d been hanging around those hinges for a very, very long time. In fact, he was one of the crew who had originally hidden the TALISMAN OF FIRE, and yes, he DID know how to repair it; both magic AND mechanical repair. He’s quickly persuaded to cast a spell to fix the artifact, and then they all teleport back to the KING of the dwarves.

When they arrive, the KING is at rest, and is somewhat miffed at the effrontery of the party, but as they were about to give the KING the TALISMAN, a time stop occurs with everyone frozen in place while the room is overrun with kobolds who steal the newly-repaired TALISMAN!

And with that, up comes the final music…

Why did these feathered creatures make an appearance? Why did they want the TALISMAN? What is happening to the UNDERWORLD? What IS that demon’s TRUE NAME?

Could these questions be answered next show? I certainly hope so! BE THERE and FIND OUT!!!
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