Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

What with one thing or another (like the Dexter disc failing in mid-show), we ended up watching via streaming from Netflix the film Waiting for Guffman, and not particularly enjoying it.

Too bad...

Work has been taking up much of my time in the last several days (couple of weeks?), and so I suspect that I'm teetering on burn-out. Not there yet, but teetering. Therefore, the events upcoming will be all the more important.

I did manage to read my way through three more comic books:

First was Fables #99 - they appear to be setting up for a climax, or actually several climaxes, very soon.

Then, DMZ #58 - something of a one-shot, I think, unless this new character is about to be manipulated into some interesting future.

Finally, Sweets #3 of 5; a serial killer mystery comic set in New Orleans just ahead of Katrina. We'll see where it goes.
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