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October 26th, 2010

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11:07 pm
I finished a couple of books, today, both Osprey books.

The first one done was Osprey Warrior #124: Teutonic Knight 1190 - 1561, which was fair. It has some good illustrations in it.

Then, next was Osprey Fortress #83: Roman Auxiliary Forts 27 BC - AD 376 which I found to be more interesting, with lots of artwork of active fortifications. Nice.

Now that forestcats is here, we made sure to be there when Gail lectured on non-compliant patients, which actually was pretty interesting. Then, on to other classes. For lunch, we ate at Chef Tom Colicchio's restaurant 'wichcraft, where we split three sandwiches between the two of us. I loved the pastrami; the meatloaf was OK, and the grilled gruyere was good. We wandered, did a bit of shopping, and then rested until dinner, when we met up with Gail and Howard, and were joined by Gail's brother and his husband, and had dinner together at Ana Mandara, a Vietnamese place, where we had the tasting menu. I loved the Dungeoness Crab Soup, liked other items, and didn't like a few. Not a bad time, all-in-all. I haven't seen Gail's brother since I was a senior in college, so it was nice to get reacquainted.

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I finished a couple of books, today, both Osprey books. The first… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... — LiveJournal

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