Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Although the day started out slow, forestcats and I ended up with something of an adventure late in the day.

She'd found that the closest food truck scheduled to be somewhere on our route to the party of themodeinliz and axelicious was going to be somewhere off Highway 2 in apparently Eagle Rock in a bar's parking lot. We got there just on time, but the truck (The Flying Pig Truck) was almost fifteen minutes late. Once they were up and running, we ordered dishes from them, including a duck taco, a carne asada taco, their version of sliders, and a deep-fried crab dish. We liked what we had so much that we reordered, and got the smoked chicken taco and the carne asada burrito. All-in-all, it was very good.

Then, we were off to the party. From Eagle Rock to North Hollywood wasn't very far at all, and so we were early, but we volunteered to help with whatever needed doing, and things progressed. The first half hour was quiet, but things exploded by ten PM. Among other things, themodeinliz had set up a game where she stuck a tag on your back with the name of a villain of some genre or another, and you had to guess who you were from questioning other guests. This only worked if the other guests had a clue who the character was. However, it turned out to be pretty fun. forestcats was the HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey, while I was General Zod from one of the Superman movies. (2?). It was also pretty cool scoping out what the costumes were...I was decked out in a costume that forestcats had made me years ago of a Zouave NCO from the Civil War. I've had the cap for that for longer than I've known forestcats, having purchased it at King Richard's Fair in Wisconsin when I was still in medical school, so it was nice to have something of a uniform to go with it. forestcats went as a pirate, and her garb looked good. themodeinliz was Harlequin, while axelicious was The Joker from Dark Knight...when I didn't recognize the character, he insisted on lending me his DVD of the movie, so I guess we'll watch that soon. Tonight?

The party was in full swing by midnight, with a DJ in the kitchen, and folks spilling out into the backyard, but the two of us were beat, and we headed home. A very nice time, and I'm sure that they've only just gone to bed after a successful party.

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