Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Traveling day.

We packed and loaded, and then stopped at the mechanic's place as I had a blown headlight. Fixed, we stocked up on some supplies at Fabric Patch so that my spouse could get autographs from SF authors on fabric for a planned quilt.

We stopped for lunch in Yucaipa. We made a Veteran's Day stop at the General Patton Museum off I-10 in what used to be the Desert Training facility during WWII (entry fees to the museum were waived for Veteran's Day, but I simply took the cost and stuck it in the donation box to support the facility.) We stopped for dinner in Buckeye, AZ. We stopped for the night in Tuscon.

TusCon starts this afternoon at 2PM, and we're going to try it out. It sounds like it's a relaxacon, and that would be nice if it is, but I'll enjoy a busy, stimulating convention as well. If it's too boring, there seems to be lots to do nearby including a museum to nuclear missiles, Biosphere 2, and a Desert Museum. The mechanic pressed us to travel out to Tombstone; he says it's much more interesting than Tuscon is. We'll see if we have time. At least Biosphere 2 is on our path homebound.

Oh, and more on the Patton Museum: It's more about the units he commanded during WWII than it is about his career. There's some personal items of the General's there, including a pair of saddles, which led forestcats to complain about the poor condition they were in and how they needed to be cared for, but much of the collection is clearly bequests from former soldiers including models and personal gear. Outside, there's a number of tanks, but only one is a WWII model Sherman; others were from the 50s, and there's a number of Patton tanks, most in very poor shape. I'm glad we stopped to see it, though. There's some photos out there to be seen, when my wife gets around to posting them to the cloud.
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