Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, then, Sunday.

We had to come back from Tuscon, of course.

We opened the day, eating leftover pizza from Magpie's; the hotel room had had a refrigerator in it, so we used that to store the delicious pesto pizza. Vastly better than the available free breakfast from this somewhat disappointing hotel.

All done, I loaded the car.

Then, another panel at the convention. TusCon went on for another several hours, but we had a long drive to come, and so we just went.

I drove for the first third, and then we stopped in a Chili's just off the Interstate in Goodyear, AZ, and had a meal. forestcats was disappointed with hers; I was happy with mine. Back in the car, she then drove, and I dozed, the remaining two-thirds of the trip. Traffic got pretty heavy, west-bound, and a number of drivers were doing stupid, dangerous things, so that wasn't pleasant, but we got home at a reasonable hour, and I began unloading the car.

Now, we hire a young man to take care of the house, and the menagerie while we go out of town; there's too many critters to do otherwise. His parents have been our friends for some years. They, apparently, were driving back to their home in Orange County from Phoenix, and must have been only a few miles behind us on I-10 and then they stopped at our house, because he'd been unable to load his laundry on his motorcycle, so he'd left it hidden in our driveway, so as I came out to get another suitcase out of the car, there were our friends, Derek and Teresa. In the end, I invited them in, and we sat down and chatted for a good hour. Nice.

Following that, and clearing out the DVR of various detritus that had accrued, I unpacked. I'm guessing that the next week will be devoted to laundry, on my part...
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