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December 14th, 2010

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12:06 pm
OK, I've been directed to a website that astonished me and gave me pause. It's:


The site has a huge number of TV theme songs and other associated music, such as end music or assorted tunes sung on the show.

What got me is that finding some of these pieces from my childhood that I haven't heard in decades really made me feel like I'd been transported to that much younger me. I was very impressed. Music from Rat Patrol or Secret Squirrel? Really? Yes, really.

So I've downloaded a mess of music from there, and thought I'd share to any who might find it as much a walk in the past that I did.

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Date:December 15th, 2010 04:48 am (UTC)

theme song site

What a trip! It even had "Strange Report," a British show I loved for the one season it was on in this country when I was a kid. :-)
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Date:December 15th, 2010 06:24 am (UTC)

Re: theme song site

Did you download it? Or bookmark the site?
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Date:December 15th, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I discovered this site a few weeks ago. I downloaded a metric ton of stuff - Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rockford Files, et cetera...
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Date:December 15th, 2010 03:11 pm (UTC)
Whatever stimulates your memories.

It's a terrific site.

OK, I've been directed to a website that astonished me and gave me… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... — LiveJournal

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