Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Somehow, I managed to get to our evening's activities last night ahead of my beloved, even though I was late leaving work, and the rain caused the typical snarl of traffic in Southern California, what with the drivers having no clue how to drive in it. However, that gave me several minutes of time to unwind, which was nice.

We went out with the Archer family, and went initially to a restaurant in Pomona called Aladdin's, and we had food there that was very satisfactory. Even Shelby ate well.

Following that, we took a chance and went to a bowling alley in Upland. Leagues were running, however, and so no lanes. Shelby was the winner here, because we spent some time in their gameroom, letting her play whatever she wanted. Trinkets were won there.

We then stopped on a cold (yes, I could see my breath!) night to get ice cream from Handel's. We'd never been, but the quality was very good.

Then back to the Archer home for an extended chat. Lovely evening!

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