Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It rained again, yesterday, but it has stopped for now. The most recent weather report I've seen suggests that there'll be rain for the Rose Parade, something that I can't recall seeing.

We watched another disc from season two of Carnivale last night, and today forestcats expressed amazement that I'd watch the series, as it isn't to my usual taste. Oddly, I was surprised she'd say that; thinking about it, it seems to me that this is like reading a book by Tim Powers put on screen. There's only three discs left of the series, and I wonder if it will reach a real ending, since it was canceled before its planned ending.

Replacement dishwasher and washing machine are arriving right now. The former hasn't been drying the dishes too well, the latter is old and not functioning optimally. There will be rearrangements to follow...

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