Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday, I thought that we'd be hanging around the house, but instead we disappeared out the door before 11, and it was nearly sunset before we got back.

First, I had to shift a couple of 60# bags of chicken scratch into the feed stall, all to the accompaniment of chicken bitching about not having food. I almost poured the contents of the second bag onto two chickens who had flown into the feed container to partake of the first bag's seeds.

Then we went to the Bank of America (I've had a checking account with them since I was 16, but we'd had enough of them, so we've finally changed over to another bank entirely). Our accounts are now closed out. So long, B of A.

Next, we went out to Bass Pro Shop. I needed rubber boots to slog my way into the corral with the mud these rains have produced, and the store carries a variety of useful items of the type. To start with, though, we had lunch at the fish restaurant there, and we were very pleased with the food and service. I'd recommend stopping there to eat, if you drive by on I-15.

From there, we made our way back into Chino Hills to search out certain bags to wash our clothes in. Why? Apparently the new washing machine needs to be protected from certain types of metal items, such as safety pins or snaps. So we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to find the bags. We also stopped at BevMo, who were having a one day sale (that lasts two days), and purchased some soft drinks.

Once home, we watched some news programs that reviewed 2010, and then I popped open a bottle of champagne. Finally, the New Year started, and once acknowledged, I went to sleep.

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